Welding fume extraction solutions

Financial goals - strategy and value creation

Nederman's mission is to protect people, products and our planet from the harmful effects of industrial processes. In this way Nederman helps to create safe work spaces, efficient production and significant environmental benefits. Clean air is the cornerstone of sustainable production.

Fumes and particles generated during the manufacturing process must be efficiently captured to safeguard product quality, the service life of equipment, compliance with environmental regulations, as well as to maintain safe and healthy workplaces. Manufacturing companies wish to increase profitability by making their operations as efficient as possible. They must meet strict environmental requirements and protect their employees from hazardous particles. Nederman can help them on all counts - it's how we create value.

Global trends drivning demand

Knowledge about the importance of the internal and external environment is growing globally, resulting in stricter legislation and controls. Strong needs linked to efficient production, environment and health are driving demand for Nederman's products and solutions. Read more about key global drivers in the Sustainability Report on pages 36-41.

Financial objectives

Over a business cycle, the annual sales growth should be 8-10 percent and the adjusted operating margin at least 10 percent.

Strategic priorities

In order to realise the financial objectives, Nederman is working on four priority areas: expansion into new customer and market segments, developed positions in the value chain, the development of new products and solutions, and geographic expansion.

During the past five years, sales growth has amounted to an average of 7.0 percent. During the period, the adjusted operating margin varied between 6.4 and 9.1 percent and in 2017 amounted to 9.1 percent. The average dividend during the period was 46 percent of net profit.