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Nederman is a world-leading environmental technology company with focus on industrial air filtration. We protect people, planet and products from harmful effects of industrial processes. Our comprehensive range of products and solutions contribute to efficient production, reduced environmental impact and a safer workplace. Metal fabrication, fibre-based production, process industry operations and the auto industry aftermarket are some of the industries where Nederman’s products make a clear difference every day, all over the world.

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Nederman MikroPul

Nederman MikroPul specializes in industrial air filtration for heavy process industries such as metal fabrication, power generation, mineral processing, chemical industry, and many more. Application knowledge and attention to detail has elevated Nederman MikroPul as an engineering and fabrication leader in the area of air pollution control. The company’s pulse-jet dust collector, invented in 1956, continues to be a standard for industrial air filtration. MikroPul is part of Nederman’s Process Technology division.

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Nederman Pneumafil

Pneumafil LLC., founded in 1946, is part of the Nederman Group since 2012. Pneumafil is a leader in providing air filtration products for the power generation and textile industries. The company manufactures gas turbine inlet air filtration systems for installations worldwide, designed to protect and enhance performance regardless of local environmental conditions. Pneumafil LLC also offers a diverse supply of filters and related media to meet all gas turbine inlet air system maintenance requirements. Solutions are offered under the brand name Nederman Pneumafil. Pneumafil is part of Nederman’s Process Technology division.

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Nederman National Conveyors

National Conveyors Company, acquired by Nederman in 2015, has leading expertise in metal chip processing and ash handling systems and complements Nederman’s existing machining business. Examples of customers are metal machining plants, metal recyclers, solid fuel fired power plants, and more. National Conveyor’s mission is to provide innovatively designed and competitively priced bulk material handling systems by supplying premier quality equipment along with timely, accurate and professional service. Solutions are offered under the brand name Nederman National Conveyors.

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Nederman FibreDrain

Nederman´s unique FibreDrain™ technology specializes in efficient solutions for oil mist filtration. With leading expertise in industrial process and air treatment, Nederman FibreDrain solutions include products for handling oil mist generated during metal machining. Nederman offers the widest range of products and solutions for handling oil mist in the most optimal and cost-effective way in one-shift, as well as continuous operations. 

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LCI Corporation, established in 1961, has been part of the Nederman Group since 2012. The company specializes in equipment and systems for the process industries. LCI’s product offerings include two programs, each offering unique solutions to various segments of the process industries. The liquids applications program provides technologies for evaporation, drying, and filtration. The solids applications program provides technologies for extrusion, spheronization, feeding, and pelleting in the chemical industry. Solutions are offered under the brand name LCI. LCI is part of Nederman’s Process Technology division.

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NEO Monitors

NEO Monitors, acquired by Nederman in 2017, is one of the world leading suppliers of Gas Analyzers and Dust Analyzers based on Tuneable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLS). The company’s expertise and engineering capabilities allows for more than 100 different configurations tailored to customer needs, helping global industries to achieve better processes control, decreased operational costs and increased efficiency. Products are sold through a global network of distributors. NEO Monitors is part of Nederman’s Monitoring & Control Technology division.

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Auburn FilterSense

Auburn FilterSense

Auburn Systems and FilterSense merged in October 2017 to create Auburn FilterSense LLC., the world’s leading provider of particulate monitors and intelligent controls for filtration systems (baghouses, dust collectors etc.) and related material flow processes. Auburn FilterSense LLC, acquired by Nederman in March 2018, holds several decades of experience and application knowledge from more than 75,000 units and installations sold, bringing technologyand support to help customers worldwide reduce emissions and improve   operations. Auburn FilterSense is part of Nederman’s Monitoring & Control Technology division.

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Luwa Air Engineering

Luwa, acquired by Nederman in October 2018, was founded in 1935 and is a global market leader in textile air engineering and a quality and performance leader with a global brand in the fibre and textile industry. The Luwa Group’s activities include the design and engineering of single components and whole systems as well as manufacturing, assembly, installation and after sales services. Manufacturing and assembly facilities are situated in India and China and the group  has a significant global installed base that is the source of Luwa’s deep understanding of the technical demands as well as the local requirements of customers. Luwa will be part of the Nederman Process Technology division.

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Gasmet Technologies Oy

Gasmet Technologies Oy, acquired by Nederman in 2019, is a world leading supplier of FTIR gas analysis solutions for both continuous emission and mercury monitoring systems and portable gas analysers. Gasmet develops, manufactures and markets complete solutions for monitoring industrial emissions and portable instruments to study climate change and ensure people’s safety. The company has supplied more than 4000 analysers worldwide having the largest installed base for on-site and industrial applications, in approximately 80 countries. Based in Helsinki, Finland the company also operates globally through entities in Germany, UK, Canada, Hong Kong and Austria. Gasmet will be part of Nederman’s Monitoring & Control Technology division. 

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