Clean air sutainability


We help our customer creating value by maximizing production efficiency, improve work environments and reduce environmental impact

Our customers want to boost profitability by making their operations as efficient as possible. They want to meet high environmental standards and keep employees safe from fumes and dust. Nederman can help them on all counts. That’s how we create value.

We offer solutions that meet high expectations and changing needs, helping our customers maximize production efficiency, improve work environments, and reduce environmental impacts, often stretching over 20 years. And we do it at the lowest possible cost over the product’s lifetime.

Our promise

We help customers around the world protect their employees, their production and the environment from dust, smoke and fumes.

It is about enabling our customers to improve efficiency in their processes as well as about our commitment to honesty and transparency in the way we do business. We make a positive difference by sharing our knowledge and expertise to help industrial companies around the world become safer and cleaner, more resource efficient and more profitable. 

Our commitment - contributing to an eco-efficient future

Five interlinked sustainability commitments ensure that we continuously improve on how we deliver on that promise, creating value for our customers, our company, and our planet.

Code of Conduct

Acting in a responsible and correct manner is absolutely fundamental for Nederman, and we take issues such as corruption and bribery very seriously. The ambition is to educate all employees about Nederman’s Code of Conduct with the objective of having no infringements to the anti-corruption policy. Nederman also expects the equivalent from its suppliers and distributors. 

Responsible business

A global management system provides us with a shared approach and a consistent global application of how we conduct our business activities. In addition to business processes, there are a number of comprehensive policy documents – such as Nederman’s Code of Conduct – and documents that provide guidance on matters that concern the environment, social responsibility and business ethics. 

Long-term goals and performance measures are defined for every division and are part of the business plan for each division. Group management is responsible for follow-up and development based on the Group’s governance model. Supplementary internal controls are carried out to assess business processes and policies in order to ensure that our business activities are conducted according to the guidelines.

All production units, apart from three from the most recent acquisitions, are certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. All production units, apart from one, are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management standard 

Every action counts 

We work continuously to improve and strengthen our business practices, with a focus on building and maintaining transparency, honesty and accountability. Through our independent Whistleblower System, both employees and external stakeholders can report suspected violations of law or business ethics. 

The Clean Air Company

Nederman celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2019. From the very beginning, the business idea was clean air. Today, the environment and sustainability are more relevant than ever and the demands are increasing to contribute actively to more efficient production and reduced emissions in industry. The next generation of industrial solutions for clean air is under development. And Nederman is at the forefront of this development. Watch the below interview with Nederman CEO Sven Kristensson where he shares his thoughts on Nederman´s exciting digital evolution journey.