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This is Nederman

A Swedish environmental technology company.

Nederman’s expertise and turnkey solutions within industrial air filtration protect people, planet and production from the harmful effects of industrial processes. In this way, Nederman helps to create safe workspaces, efficient production and significant environmental benefits. This interplay between health, environment and efficiency comes together to form our concept of eco-efficiency.

Eco-efficiency means that we contribute to both economic advantages and environmental sustainability. In terms of economy, it is about high production efficiency and product quality, minimized downtime, long equipment life, and minimized environmental costs. From an environmental perspective, it is about benefits from reduced emissions, more efficient use of materials, recycling, and lower energy consumption. 

Nederman's customers are found in industries such as metal, wood and composite processing, food processing, pharmaceutical production, waste management, agriculture, textile industry, chemical industry, process industry, power generation and the automotive aftermarket.

Strong global position

Nederman has a strong global presence in both sales and manufacturing. Sales are conducted through its own sales companies and distributors in over 50 countries. The main focus of sales is in Europe and North America, but Nederman is also active in a number of markets in Asia and South America. Manufacturing is carried out on five continents. Turnover in 2021 amounted to SEK 4,042 billion.

Financial objectives

Over a business cycle, the annual sales growth should be 8-10 percent and the adjusted operating margin at least 10 percent. 

Strategic priorities

In order to realise the financial objectives, Nederman is working on four priority areas: expansion into new customer and market segments, developed positions in the value chain, the development of new products and solutions, and geographic expansion.

Three sales segments

Nederman’s sales model is divided into three segments in order to deliver solutions to customers’ challenges as effectively as possible.

Product sales Nederman has a wide range of standard products that solve common problems related to smoke, dust, materials recycling, the working environment and efficient production.

Solutions Nederman’s solutions are designed to solve more complex tasks and specific customer problems. Business activities include careful preliminary study of the customer's business operations and needs, planning and system design, installation, commissioning and training.

Service and aftermarket Service is an integral part of Nederman’s offering and a focus area for growth. By offering qualified service with good availability, Nederman helps to ensure continuous operation without expensive interruptions to customers' production.