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This is Nederman

Our mission:

We shape the future for clean air

Our promise:

We protect people, planet and production from the harmful effects of industrial processes

Our values:

  • Sustainable customer 
  • Respect for the environment and each other 
  • The courage to act 

An environmental technology company

Already more than 80 years ago, Nederman was a pioneer within working environments and clean air. Our determination to address the environmental challenges of industry through innovative solutions and cost-effective production has led to continuous expansion and a world-leading position in industrial air filtration. Today, expansion and value creation is achieved through digitalisation and  servicification, and we are still at the forefront of development. 

We protect people, planet and production  from harmful effects of industrial processes..
By doing that, we contribute to efficient production, environmental benefits and a safer workplace. 
This is how Nederman, as an environmental technology company and global leader, creates value and growth – for our customers, for our employees and for our owners.

A strategy for clean air and profitable growth

Poor air is one of the most common causes of premature deaths throughout the world and industry is one of the largest sources of emissions. At the same time, industry is the driving force behind several initiatives to improve the situation, and is also helping to save energy, increase recycling and enhance production efficiency. 

An effective, green and high-tech business concept

Our business concept is built on offering products and solutions that combine the need for clean air to protect human health with industry’s growing demand for efficiency improvements and productivity.
Nederman is a leading player in the global market. We contribute daily to a better society by offering products, solutions and various types of service that protect the industrial production process itself and the people who participate in it or are affected by it. With 80 years’ experience of continuous product and service development, we contribute actively to the transformation towards a more sustainable and resource-efficient society. 

Today, Nederman is represented and have strong positions in all major industrial markets. The growing need for more efficient industrial production and reduced emissions makes us increasingly relevant. Continuous product development, in which we make maximum use of digital developments, combined with regular acquisitions, means that we are now stronger and closer to our customers than ever before. 

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