Nederman co-workers sustainability


We contribute to good working conditions for people throughout our value chain

We embrace diversity and believe that everyone should have access to decent and meaningful work in safe and healthy workplaces. Work constitutes a significant part of many people's lives. Therefore, working conditions and a good and safe work environment are important, not least to prevent accidents, work-related illnesses and other health issues. We aim to drive positive change for co-workers within Nederman, at our customers and our suppliers, always supporting human rights. 

Our commitments

Improving conditions for co-workers at:

Our customers
Our own workforce
Our suppliers

Key sustainability goal for co-workers

All our suppliers have signed our Supplier Code of Conduct 

Combustible dust risk elimination- one example on how we contribute to our customers sustainability work

Industries engaging in advanced manufacturing techniques face inherent risks linked to combustible dust. Understanding these potential hazards and their catastrophic outcomes, our team comprises of industry-leading specialists trained in monitoring and managing workplaces prone to combustible dust risks.