Woman sitting in sunset breathing clean air

Clean Air

Our goal is to shape the future for clean air, and achieving that requires insight, engagement, and action.

We improve air quality to protect people planet and production

Poor air quality is a global health issue. It affects 99 percent of the earth’s inhabitants and causes at least seven million premature deaths every year. Against this background, the WHO has tightened its guidelines on the limitation of air pollutants: a crucial challenge for industries worldwide. At Nederman, we are dedicated to combating air pollution.

Our commitments

We shape the future for clean air by:

Continuously improving our products, services and solutions to further reduce air pollution
Embracing stricter air quality demands
Sharing our clean air expertise

Key sustainability goal for Clean Air

Ensure that more than 90% of our turnover comes from intelligent product innovations, services and solutions that clean air, measure air pollution and optimise these processes to reduce customers’ energy and resource use.

Did you know that in 2023, 91% of our turnover came from clean air solutions as defined in our goal?

Cleaning air from cancerogenic silica- one example on how we contribute to our customers sustainability work

In close collaboration with one of our customers that manufacture iron products, we addressed cancerogenic silica in the air. By conducting workplace monitoring, where workers wore sampler devices, we learned where and how much each worker were exposed. From the result , we were able to provide a customized solution for clean air and to create a compliant, safe and healthy workplace.