Girl running on field representing nedermans sustainability work

Code of Conduct

The Code is an integral part of business operations

Acting in a responsible and correct manner is absolutely fundamental for Nederman, and we take issues such as corruption and bribery very seriously. The ambition is to educate all employees about Nederman’s Code of Conduct with the objective of having no infringements to the anti-corruption policy. Nederman also expects the equivalent from its suppliers and distributors.

Nederman’s Code of Conduct

How we work with suppliers

Suppliers represent a significant part of Nederman’s value chain and we are careful in our selection of suppliers in terms of both quality, environmental performance and social responsibility. The ambition is that all suppliers must live up to Nederman’s Code of Conduct and this work has come a long way.

Nederman’s Code of Conduct is an integral part of the business agreement for suppliers. In line with Nederman’s regionalization of increasing shares of local production and purchasing, the need to develop cooperation with suppliers increase to ensure that our values and standards are fully incorporated throughout the value chain. Nederman has developed a system for evaluating how well suppliers work in accordance with the Code of Conduct. Implementation of this system started in 2015.

Nederman’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers