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Corporate Values

Our values, what we stand for and what we believe in are essential to our competitive success.

Nederman values customer relationshipSustainable Customer Focus

  • We focus on our customers’ needs
  • We are passionate about developing value enhancing solutions
  • We deliver on our promises and commitments
  • We know that profitability and sustainability is a must for us to drive our future growth while remaining a dependable long-term partner

Nederman values respect the environmentRespect for the Environment and Each Other 

  • We believe that caring for the planet is an obligation that provides unique business opportunities
  • We work against discrimination treating each other the way we wish to be treated
  • We respect each other’s views and encourage coworkers to express opinions and ideas
  • We do our best to harmonize work and family life and help others to do the same

Nederman values courage to actCourage to Act

  • We promote open and honest communication
  • We take initiative and accept accountability for our actions
  • We encourage innovative thinking that solves challenges and leads to improvements
  • We embrace and drive change