Man in a circle- sustainability at Nederman


We focus on circularity in our products, services and solutions

Extraction and excessive usage of limited natural resources can cause a risk for businesses, nature and human life. Therefore, we need to ensure a more sustainable way of handling resources.

At Nederman, we aim for a continuous focus on circularity in our business. We strive to decouple our consumption of natural resources from our growth. This requires a continuous focus on “making more from less” and extending the life of both products and materials. We will increase the share of recycled materials in our products and continue to deliver high quality and resource-efficient solutions. We will work to ensure that our products can be maintained, updated and reused – and that as much as possible can be recovered and recycled at end of life.

Our commitments 

Improve resource efficiency by:

Making more from less
Extending the life of our products
Using more recycled materials

Key sustainability goal for circularity

By 2030, at least 50% of our total purchased steel, aluminium and polyester filter bags will come from recycled sources 

In 2022, steel, aluminium and polyester filter bags accounted for 64% of Nederman climate impact from purchased goods & services. Source: The Swedish Environmental Institute (IVL) climate impact study on Nederman value chain, 2023

Reusable ducting made with recycled steel- one example on how we contribute to our customers sustainability work

Nordfab QF Ducts can be dismantled and re-used, which is a strong feature supporting circularity of our solutions. Also, the recycled content in the sheet metal purchased to fabricate Nordfab US ducting products was almost 50%.