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Remuneration Committee

Questions about salary and benefits for the CEO and senior executives are addressed and approved by the Remuneration Committee. This committee consists of Johan Menckel and Gunilla Fransson. The committee is a body within the company’s Board assigned to draft matters for the Board related to remuneration and other terms of employment for company management. The committee is also tasked with preparing guidelines for executive remuneration, which the Board then presents as a proposal to the Annual General Meeting. The Remuneration Committee held one minuted meeting in 2022.

Audit Committee

The main purpose of the Audit Committee is to supervise the group’s financial accounting and reporting and the audit of the annual accounts. The Audit Committee’s tasks include, among other things, responsibility for the preparation of the Board’s work to ensure the quality of the financial reporting by reviewing the interim reports, annual report and consolidated financial statements. The Audit Committee is also tasked with preparing matters regarding the procurement of audit services and other services from the auditor and preparing certain accounting and audit matters to be dealt with by the Board. The work of the Audit Committee is governed by rules of procedure adopted by the Board of Directors. The Committee convened on five occasions in 2022 and has held one minuted meeting to date in 2023. The company’s auditor participated on these occasions. On February 13, 2023 the company’s auditor informed the Board of the results of its work and presented a report on the year’s audit and its view of the company’s internal control system without the presence of any members of company management. In 2022, the Audit Committee consisted of Board members Ylva op den Velde Hammargren and Sam Strömerstén