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Mapping what matters

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To be able to orient ourselves in this complex landscape of issues that are important for Nederman's continued development, it is important to establish a systematic approach. The materiality analysis is an important part of this work, where Nederman works according to a model with six steps designed to give the Group a good picture of what the surrounding landscape looks like, what is important for the Group and it’s stakeholders and where the goal is that sustainability issues are integrated into the overall strategy. 

The six steps are:

1. Analysis of market trends and sustainability trends
2. Charting of which issues are relevant for Nederman
3. Analysis of the importance and significance of the issues
4. Interviews of stakeholders
5. Analysis of the value chain
6. Integrated reporting

The purpose of the materiality analysis to identify future challenges and opportunities, ensuring that the business strategy takes into account important economic, social and environmental aspects and to make the company ready to take advantage of new business opportunities.