Clean air sutainability

Our Five Commitments

Contributing to an eco-efficient future!

As a leading supplier of environmental technology for over 70 years, Nederman has helped reduce the environmental impact from industrial production and create safe and clean working environments as well as boosting production efficiency. Today we are more focused than ever on progressing our positive contribution to sustainable development. 

We’re aiming for a more circular value chain. The real difference we can make is to help our customers achieve more sustainable production.

Nederman sustainability committments 

Trust – Together we want to create a culture of trust, openness and transparency, where our employees feel inspired and our customers and investors have confidence in our integrity.

People and competence – With the help of the knowledge, insight and passion of our employees and strategic partners, we will make a difference for our customers, our supply chain and our planet.

Economic strength – We will ensure profitable growth in order to create economic strength as well as driving and implementing our strategy, so that we can deliver lasting value to our stakeholders.

Sustainable production – With our expertise and total solutions, we will exceed customer expectations and contribute to efficient, profitable and safe production environments. We will share our expertise to help customers explore how waste can be recycled and reused. In this way we will help lower costs and make the most of limited resources.

Doing more with less – Together with our partners along the value chain, we will reduce environmental impact by designing durable products based on use of smart materials and optimised for clean and efficient use. We manufacture our products with the minimum possible environmental impact.