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To shape a sustainable future

Sustainability and the Nederman group’s initiatives in this area comprise an integrated and important part of Nederman’s business activities.

Sven Kristensson CEO Nederman
Sven Kristensson Nederman on sustainability

We work proactively to improve our own sustainability effect, while our products and solutions help our customers to reduce their air pollution and environmental impact. We make our largest positive environmental contribution when industry and customers use our products and solutions. We protect people, planet and production.

Nederman’s promise – to protect people, planet and production – is the foundation of our sustainability agenda. The objective is to minimise negative social, environmental and financial effects from industrial production within our own business activities as well as those of our stakeholders.

We focus on our sustainability initiatives:

  • Reduced environmental impact 
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Efficiency in manufacturing and operation
  • Health and safety

There are engagement and measurable goals in every area.  These aim to either maximise the positive effects of business activities or minimise the negative ones.

Word from our CEO

Sustainability goals 2023

Our sustainability work comprises our products, solutions and services, which help our customers in their sustainability efforts, but also our own internal measures. The framework comprises the UN Sustain-able Development Goals (Agenda 2030) and reporting in accordance with GRI. 2019 we reported our climate footprint for the first time in accordance with Scope 1-3 and in 2020, we chose to join the Global Compact.

The overall goals are ambitious, but the roll-out of new digital products and services, in combination with a large number of internal activities, means that we feel confident in our work to minimise the negative social, environmental and economic effects of our business operations and those of our customers.

Read more about on our goals, structure and measurement.

Nederman Sustainability goals 2023

Sustainability integrated with the operations

Nederman has integrated sustainability and responsible business in the company’s transactions and strategy process to drive the transition of the business operations and create value for its stakeholders. The company’s role is to actively inform, influence and offer solutions that enable the customers, in turn, to reduce their share of emissions. The work is continuously ongoing and the implementation of the strategy comprises three focus areas:

  •   Responsible business
  •   Operational efficiency
  •   Digitalisation