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Nomination Committee

The 2016 AGM adopted instructions for the nomination committee concerning its composition and assignments.

According to the instructions, the nominations committee will consist of one representative from each of the three largest shareholders and the Chairman of the board. If any of the three largest shareholders decline from their right to appoint a representative to the committee, then the right will pass to the next largest shareholder.

The nominations committee’s tasks will be to prepare proposals, before the next AGM, for electing the Chairman of the board and other board members, election of the Chairman of the meeting, remuneration issues and related issues, and where applicable, election of auditors.

In accordance with the Annual General Meeting’s instructions, Göran Espelund (chairman), Lannebo Fonder, Anders Mörck, Investment AB Latour, Sophia Pettersson, Ernström & Co, and chairman of the board Jan Svensson have been appointed members of the nominations committee before the 2017 Annual General Meeting. Inquiries relating to the work of the nominations committee may be sent to goran.espelund@lannebofonder.se